Mid-career recruitment



Selection process

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  • Selection of candidates by paper submitted
  • Company Information Meeting
  • Aptitude test
  • Primary interview (group interview)

* We will provide detailed information individually.


Please tell me about the selection process.

We will conduct an aptitude test on the same day as the company information session, and after an interview screening at a later date, we will decide whether or not you are hired.
For applicants who come from far away, we can be flexible about having the interview screening on the same day.

What kind of qualifications and knowledge are advantageous?

While we think that having qualifications and knowledge may be useful for doing the job, having qualifications themselves are not directly advantageous for the selection test.
When we select at A-too, more than whether or not you have qualifications, we place importance on people having dreams that they want to achieve, and the ability to make those dreams happen.

Even if I would like to work outside of Shizuoka, to be selected do I need to go to Shizuoka?

We regularly hold company information sessions and employment interviews in every region of the country.

Is there a difference in the hiring criteria for men and women?

At A-too, your age, gender, academic background, and nationality does not matter.

Do you have a maternity leave and childcare leave system?

At A-too, we want you to continue working after getting married and giving birth so that you can utilize your previous work career.
We have a system that supports employees who have a desire to work, and there are many who actually use it.
For more about our benefits program, please refer to here.

After I join the company, how is it decided where I will be assigned?

At the time of the recruitment interview, we have you state your wishes in a questionnaire, and based on the results of the aptitude test and the interview we will make a comprehensive decision to select where you will be assigned.

What kind of a training program is there after I join the company?

As you actually start working, you will learn the job by actually doing it with on-the-job training (OJT).

What kind of a system is there for in-house recruitment?

Regardless of their job type, all employees have the opportunity to show the company their own wishes and abilities.
In addition to requests for promotions or transfers, you can present any kind of desire, such as proposing a new business.

Is in-house recruitment done every year?

It is done twice every year.

Among the employees, are their many who love to handle merchandise?

Not necessarily. We have a system so that you can properly do the job even if you do not have a particularly strong interest or knowledge.
Of course, there are many who like it, and those who like merchandise can do their jobs with more interest.