Welfare program

Commuting allowance

owner1 A maximum of \25,000 for employees and \50,000 for managers (supervisor or above) will be paid as a commuting allowance.

Housing bonus

owner1 In accordance with internal regulations, employees who are required to move when joining the company will be provided with a monthly housing allowance of up to \25,000.

Child bonus

owner1 The company will provide a child allowance of \5,000 per month for each child.

Maternity leave

owner1 Employees may take maternity leave of 98 days.
(42 days prior to the expected birth date and 56 days after giving birth)

Childcare leave

owner1 Childcare leave can be taken until the child is one year old.
(In special cases, it is possible to take childcare leave until the child is two years old. Applies only to employees who have been employed by the company for more than one year)

Congratulatory payment system for marriages

owner1 On the condition that the marriage is officially registered, managers and above will be paid \150,000, supervisors and above will be paid \100,000, and regular employees will be paid \50,000.

Congratulatory payment system for childbirths

owner1 In order to congratulate employees on childbirths, managers and above will be paid \150,000, supervisors and above will be paid \100,000, and regular employees will be paid \50,000.

Social insurance package

owner1 The company provides a comprehensive employee benefits package of health insurance, welfare pension insurance, employment insurance, and workers' accident insurance.

Relocation assistance when joining the company

owner1 The company will pay up to \100,000 to employees who move from another prefecture when joining the company
(Excludes new graduate recruits)

Training of new graduate employees

owner1 Training that properly instills the fundamentals of becoming a fully-fledged member of society to new graduate employees.

Bicycle commuting allowance

owner1 Any employee who commutes to work by bicycle will be paid a bicycle commuting allowance of up to \300 per day.

Overtime allowance

owner1 There is absolutely no unpaid overtime.
When overtime work is done outside of set overtime hours, the employee will be compensated in the form of additional pay.

Annual paid leave

owner1 Employees are entitled to 10 days of paid leave per year.
(Applies only to employees who have worked for the company for more than 6 months)

Health checkups

owner1 Health checkups are conducted once a year.