Message from CEO

"Customer top priority principle"
presidentThis is the corporate philosophy of a-too group.

By Whom is the company established? It is neither by myself nor by any other management members; it is by the customers who support us. Our company is able to stay in business as we pursue that support further and further by continuing to satisfy our customers' needs.

So, how can A-too Group meet the customers' needs?

When Surugaya online shopping website, the core business of the company, was launched in the spring of 1998, I realized that the age of internet shopping was coming. There was no constraint regarding the scale of the shop, and therefore more products could reach any customers living wherever, making it possible to provide products at a low price.

In the very first beginning, Surugaya was handling game software only, and focusing on the old game machines, such as Nintendo Family Computer and Sega SG1000 &etc., which were extremely outdated even at that time.

Although compared to the mainstream game consoles at the time such as PlayStation and Sega Saturn, the old game consoles had a poorer performance and graphics, I had no doubt that there should be a number of customers who wanted to play the old games that they used to play, or experience those original version of the masterpieces that are origin of games currently being released by PlayStation & etc..

Game software was in the same way with books and toys that the past works would be valued as a culture, and I believed that the demand for genuine antiques would increase from now on.

Among these, I realized we were supposed to stock all the merchandise demanded by customers, as many as possible, and that was how we could respond to their needs.
For example, having all the old games as stock--- this is one objective of Surugaya.

Product line is also increasing now. Besides game software, we are handling miscellaneous merchandise, music・video software like PC software・DVD・CD etc., books like comics・photo gallery etc., various toys such as doujinshi/ doujin software and trading cards, hobby goods such as figures and plastic models, sundries such as stationery, photographs, telephone cards, food products focusing on the ones sold with small toy.

For example, we are now able to provide various products with the theme of Masked Rider, such as the comics, DVD・CD, game software, figure, rider belt, trading cards, stationary like underlay, food sold with small toy &etc..

Some of these goods are really popular while others are so old that people are surprised at.
The very first thing we think is, not that whether the product is popular or not.
We firstly collect all products and provide them to customers, and customers are who judge their value.Customers' judgment makes a value.

Within the recycle industry, we are the first company to start the service of online purchasing.?
Providing a service which makes it possible for customers to sell goods without going out, assessing the value of the goods fairly no matter how the good is rare, and buying goods in the fair price.We think that these are beneficial to customers, and these make it possible for us to stock a wide variety of products.

Regarding all of the works and a wide variety of character goods, we provide an extensive assortment as well as fun shopping experience to customers; even though the purchased item may be no longer needed, we will buy it back and resell to the person who needs it.

This is the corporate philosophy of A-too Group.

Tsunasige Sugiyama