Career message

Career message

"Those who have a positive attitude toward job"

This is my answer for the question, "what kind of people do you want to hire in your company?"
Improvement will happen only if you work passionately.
Most employees in A-too were just a beginner of this ind of business when they started working here.
People in management positions who play an important role in today's a-too were also a beginner at first.
I am the good example--- I had no experience of this field nor recruitment position when I started working.

A-too is a venture company.
You will see a lot of opportunities although you may feel it's hard to work in this high-speed & high spirit environment, which is unique to venture companies.
A-too is a good place to work with a lot of opportunities for people who has a passion about one's own work.

We don't care age, education, nationality, nor gender.
We welcome those who understand our policy "customers first" and want to challenge new things.

Chief of Operation Department Administration division
Masumi Horino