Employees' introduction

Employees' introduction

Joined the company in 2013 as a new graduate

Online Shop Division 1 Yukina Sugimoto

sugimoto-senpaiI chose A-too because I like games and comics. In addition to this, I thought I could use my knowledge or qualification effectively in this company.At first, I did not understand the content of the work and often was very confused. However, thanks to kind seniors and colleagues, I can work in good mood. Also, it's great for me to have chances to encounter rare products.

Team Leader

Online Shop Division 1 Team Leader Naoto Ozaki (Joined the company in 2012 as a new graduate)

ozaki-senpaiI didn't expect to be a team leader when I entered this company. After becoming a member of this team, I had kept working with one dream--- becoming a leader of this team.
I was really happy when the dream came true.As a Team Leader, I am currently focusing on training junior employees.
Although I have a lot of points to be improved as a team leader, it is really great feeling to build up a good relationship with subordinates.in addition, seeing junior employees motivates me to try harder not to lose, and gives me the urge to go one step further.
I have more learning than teaching. I would like to keep training myself. A-too offers a variety of merchandise including games, books, stuffed animals, card games, sweets and even idle goods.
I was so surprised when I saw the number of stock first time.
I had an experience of selling/buying business as a part-time jobber when I was a student. However, that was just a scale-downed version of A-too, I realized. I now deal with more and more customers.Buyers purchase what they want, and sellers provide what is demanded.In order to meet the needs of our customers, each employee is highly committed to each department.All employees are making effort to achieve one goal, and I am the one of them.Although it may sound taken-for-granted thing as a company, I still appreciate this great experience in a-too.Experiences I've got in this company will surely benefit to my future career.


Merchandise Division 5 Kazuki Koike Supervisor (Joined the company in 2011 as a new graduate)

 Under this rapidly grown condition, we always hire new people regardless of official employees or part-time jobbers.
As a supervisor, I feel fulfillment mostly when I educate subordinates.
Since instruction shouldn't be ambiguous, I keep improving a flow chart of the job and trying to understand the job structure.
It is very tough work to educate others.However, there are many things to learn.
When I get the reply of "I understand well", "thank you", etc., I feel really happy.
One big attractive point of a-too I think is that you can be this kind of position like me even though you don't have "long" career in this company.In addition to this, I truly believe that those who are familiar with the merchandise that a-too handle have a great advantage for working at a-too.
For example, I like games and comics. I often can use that knowledge to my job.If you have something you are interested in within our products, please try to be a specialist about it.Then you surely will get a chance to use the knowledge. 


Merchandise Division 4 Yusuke Iwamoto Manager (Joined the company in 2008 as a new graduate)

iwamoto-senpaiWhen I just joined a-too, I didn't feel that much fulfillment because I mainly did routine and simple work. However, now, as a manager of merchandise division, I feel a great fulfillment with a feeling that "my performance will directly affect our business."
Although it is hard to take a lot of responsibilities as a manager, I still am really happy to be allowed to handle my work by myself, and it is also great that my performance is fairly evaluated by our company.I believe that the type of people A-too seeks are the ones who can "think and act."
Of course we should follow rules. However, it sometimes is necessary to break them to improve current business situation. If you can enjoy this kind of thing, I think you are the one who suits a-too.