Privacy policy

Basic Policy

A-too Co., Ltd (Hereafter referred to as "our company"), recognizes the importance and social nature of personal information protection. Our company believes that it is our social responsibility to undertake a proper management of personal information.Our company will comply with the laws and other norms concerning personal information of directors and employees, and will undertake a proper protection management of personal information.

  1. The definition of personal information
    As for the "personal information" in this privacy policy, it means the name, the address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. which you offer by visiting a shop directly or a web site, showing the information which can identify a visitor individually.
  2. About acquisition of personal information
    When you use a store or a website, we sometimes ask you for a visitor's personal information offer. As for providing personal information, it is assumed that we will report you how we will treat them and ask you if we can use the information.
    - Personal identification at the time of the antique acquisition based on an antique business law
    - To join our service or events which our company offers or sponsors
    - To reply to the questionnaire which our company sponsors
    - In order to create statistical data, such as users' trend of services in stores or websites. 
  3. As for offering personal information  to the third party Our company manages your privacy information appropriately in order to protect a visitor's personal information, and we do not offer any third parties your information except in cases illustrated below.- When we have a visitor's consent - When we have a legal duty to discloses a visitor's personal information- When we ask other parties witch made the nondisclosure agreement about personal information with us to handle customers' personal information within an area that we need to use for achieving disclosed objective.
  4. About management of personal information
    Our company pays full attention to handling customers' personal information by placing the person who is in charge of it and obeying law and company philosophy of personal information etc. To prevent any loss, manipulation, leakage, misappropriation, and destruction caused by the unauthorized access to the customers' personal information by a third party, our company will undertake appropriate security measures as well as proper management of the personal information.
  5. About disclosure of personal information etc.
    In case when our company is asked by a visitor to do an indication, correction, deletion, a use stop, etc. about self information, we provide demanded service within rational range after we confirm that the demand is not made by other persons. 
    * We collect commission fee for disclosure of personal information.The Company will notify in writing by mail to the person who has made the request ( to the name and address of the customer written in a certain style form provided by our company).
  6. About an access log
    An access log does not include the information which can identify individual's character, although it includes a domain name, an IP address, a kind of browser, the number of accesses, etc.By principle, access log is intended to be used as statistical data, not to be associated with your personal information.

In charge of personal information management
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A-too, Inc. Operating headquarters In charge of personal information management
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Enacted on December 1, 2005